Monday, December 3, 2012

Evening Fog Special - Toyboy & Robin

The Evening Fog Special takes its fog from London - perhaps from a fog machine in a crowded dancefloor. Prom Sawyer is daring to venture into uncharted waters on the electric Mississippi this week - with a dancy, thick, uncompromising house set. Trying to get a little strange on a Monday. Emotions are running high - we've seen warm weather across the Mississippi Valley this week.

London's Toyboy & Robin have a strong sense of production - and a keen sense of what house and nu-disco have been up to as a genre in the last few years. The effected R&B alludes to Starslinger - but the house beats drop hard and fast, like Starslinger playing in a concrete basement rave in Berlin or our very own Grinnell. Check out the bass on "In Need." And dig the sample of Sunshine Anderson's "Heard It All Before" on "No More Sunshine."