Monday, December 31, 2012

One Year, One Song

The Ball drops in Times Square, which is the following distances from the following settlements on the Electric Mississippi:

St. Paul: 1,192 miles
St. Louis: 954 miles
Dubuque, IA: 969 miles
Clarksville, MO: 1019 miles

Truth is, Prom Sawyer's never had a particularly reminiscent New Years. It gets cold outside. People reflect, and the predict, too, which is something I can't help but do constantly.

For music on the Electric Mississippi, I will say this. People like to dance, and they like to feel good, and 2012 saw a resurgence in both of these things. There's a newfound earnestness at work in music, and with it, a desire for the simple, the relatable, and above all, the catchy. So against my nature, I can predict that we'll see more of such songs in 2012. And posted below is a song that epitomizes these qualities - the Atlanta-based Felix Da Housecat's remix of RAC and Penguin Prison's "Hollywood."