Friday, December 14, 2012

NLNL 3 - Mmm...

We travel from the electric Mississippi all the way to the Oslo for this week's NLNL, where the nights are currently eighteen hours long. And Mmm, the face-painted duo pictured to the left, has been hard at work night and day crafting a soundscape for dancefloors, apartment parties, and late-night lounges alike. Check out the magic high-hats, elusive cowbells and snappy snares that carry "Dark Motion" through all four minutes and eleven seconds.
To make a somewhat local comparison, this track loosely reminds of a darker, synthier Miike Snow with a little less pop for dancing with headphones, and just a bit more electro texture. And in the age of esoteric electro lyrics, how many acts can get away with the line "I will never sleep with you again, if I tell you I'm not the girl?"
To make a trans-Pacific comparison, try Cut Copy without guitars - this is even the same chord structure as "Hearts On Fire."
But at the end of the day, this is cutting-edge Scandinavian electro, complete with crowd appeal and an incredible knack for songwriting.