Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kitsuné 14 - Peter & The Magician (Le Crayon Remix)

Perhaps Breakbot has enjoyed the most success of the French remix artists crossing the pond in the last few years to blast out of dorm rooms and through the woods of the Electric Mississippi. But   Kitsuné chose Le Crayon's remix of Peter & The Magician's "Memory" (also signed to Kitsuné) to champion the genre on their latest compilation. The Parisian producer is 20 years old, and since the October release of Kitsuné 14, he's been making quite a splash. We're looking forward to visiting some of Le Crayon's other work in the upcoming weeks.

Kitsuné itself is a French record label, clothing line, and most importantly to the Mississippi, a consolidator of fresh electronic music. The label began in 2002, founded in part by Gildas Loaëc - who at one time worked with the Daft Punk-founded label Roulé.