Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slam Funk: Jupiter Remixes "Mauvaise Mine"

This is the stuff of legend - Jupiter, French/English electro duo, Paris-based (aren't all the good ones these days?), reportedly met on a dancefloor in 2008. Their influences include reggae rhythmic staples Sly & Robbie. Hold them, Marcus, hold them. They dig nothing but the deep tracks among the oldies, which they convert into electro hits. Just goes to show, what's good is always good.

Jupiter has made some noise in years past, which I have faithfully included below for reminiscence - or because "Starlighter" is a boss track that not be eclipsed by electro-pop since.

To be brutally honest, I hadn't heard it before all the blogs mentioned it as a mainstay. Let's get down and boogie, to Jupiter's latest album, Juicy Lucy, but mostly to their remix of Lafayette's "Mauvaise Mine," Soundclouded below.