Monday, November 19, 2012

Evening Fog Special - Young Montana?'s "New Blood"

Young Montana? recently dropped a new track on SoundCloud. "New Blood" takes on a film noir villain persona - the embodiment of night itself. Out here on the electric Mississippi, it's not the eternal polluted nighttime of a crime-ridden 1930s Los Angeles or New York, but the leafy mud along the shore in St. Paul. Streetlights cast the shadows of trees like so many reaching hands - and Young Montana?'s affected upright bass, echoey guitars, and eerie synth lines march along to the four-four rhythm of your feet. The night is alive - trust no one. 

Young Montana? is Jon Pritchard, based out of Coventry, UK. His debut EP Limerence, released in 2010, placed him in the upper ranks of producers following in the wake of Flying Lotus, and J Dilla, and earned high marks around the blogosphere. Plus, he's only 20 years old. 

This track marks the first Monday Evening Fog Special, a now-weekly feature of instrumental electro and jazz reworks to project out onto the winter fog of the Mississippi.