Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tokimonsta // Grinnellevance 22

Sunday's yellow dawn blanketed the electric Mississippi - the river's electric blue glow sank into the deeper parts to rest during the daylight. Today, the weather of earlier fall still lingers in the valley, nostalgic for a time not yet left behind.
And Tokimonsta's Cupidity echoes through the scrub oaks of the electric Mississippi valley.

Tokimonsta - AKA LA's Jennifer Lee - was once an aspiring classical pianist. Her professional life has since taken a turn toward the avante-garde, and a plunge into the chill, painting soundscapes with a Macbook and a midi controller. 

Grinnellevance, Prom Sawyer's college radio show, featured a remix of DJ Shadow & Little Dragon's "Scale it Back," an instant deep soul classic. Montreal's Robotaki managed to spice up the rhythm without losing the resonance or nuance of the original track - and he does some interesting work on the key changes from the original. Check it out below.