Sunday, November 25, 2012

Choice and Variety: DJ Krush

Veteran Japanese producer DJ Krush (Hideaki Ishi) has kept busy. With a career beginning in 1987 with Krush Posse, Ishi pioneered the Japanese hip-hop scene at a time when American artists enjoyed rap hegemony. His first solo album, Krush, appeared in 1994, with an ambiguous blend of trip-hop, jazz, and old school instrumental hip-hop. His work, since then, has varied.

For the bulk of his career, DJ Krush was signed to Mo' Wax records, a British label and the main vein of trip-hop during the 1990s. The label is rumored to have since folded, but Krush remains highly active, touring almost constantly and even building a small collection of photography.

Between 2011 and 2012, DJ Krush released 10 "monthly singles," the choicest of which, in the opinion of Prom Sawyer, is listed below.