Saturday, February 2, 2013

NLNL 4 - Ms. Henrik

That picnic table is where I spend time, warm nights, when the crickets still chirp in the Mississippi Valley. Lately, I've spent nights driving snowy freeways to places I have to do work.

Now this marks the return of Nordic Late Night Lounge - and a day late already, I fear. It's been over a month-long hiatus. Prom Sawyer wanted a track to glam-glaze the crowds that huddle indoors for the colder nights of the year. Spend a night extroverted with the Jim Reid-esque vocal and Starfucker synth lines of Göteborg's Ms. Henrik.

This track has all the new flare of synth-pop, but there's something reaching out from the early 80s - just a tweak of David Byrne, perhaps in content as well as music.

And dig the video. And the free download. Chic, chic, chic.