Monday, February 4, 2013

Along the Riverbank: Shelf Nunny's Twilight Soundscape

The Electric Mississippi stretches far to the West this week. Shelf Nunny hails from Santa Cruz, California, cranking out beats since age 15, when he "torrented his first copy of Fruity Loops," as the folklore has it. In that time he's mastered a lethargic, bass-driven electronic sound that refuses to conform to any definitive genre. The deep tones lull "Cause I Had The Time" (featuring his fiance Briana Kranich) into a half-time stupor, where it chills, and chills, and chills. In Shelf Nunny, electronic music gains a West Coast version of Young Montana?, complete with splashy cymbals and a touch of psychedlia. 

But these are not just soundscapes for the foggy shores of Northern California - try out "Grand Theft Audio"while walking through the icy snow of the Great Plains today. "My World" is a Prom Sawyer favorite - always a fan of muted vocal harmony. 
But before you walk out the door, check out the video for "Cause I had The Time" produced by Zynthesized

I can't wait to listen to this around sunset. Thanks, Shelf Nunny, for the submission.