Monday, March 11, 2013

You Know My Steez: Darwin Deez

Look at those curly locks! Asheville's Darwin Deez is on a transatlantic tour following the release of Songs for Imaginative People. The album itself melts Why?'s Yoni Wolf and Passion Pit's early multi-layer fanfare into the same pot. Fun to listen to? Absolutely. Kitchy, yes, but all the same, the Wesleyan graduate throws it all out there with a self-awareness and intentionality still lacking in the post-naughties psych-pop niche of the electronic ecosystem. We neither cheer on nor hold back these antics; Prom Sawyer just wants to be his friend.

I've also thrown in a treat of  remix of "You Can't Be My Girl" by the Vienna-based DJ Cid Rim.