Friday, December 28, 2012

Echoes of the Happy Hands Club

Sweden's Happy Hands Club, as seen on the left where MGMT meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has a way of blending surfrock phrases with the 1 & 3 dancebeat that's made Sweden famous in electropop in the last decade. There's a definite echo of Peter, Bjorn and John in the compressed vocals and narrative line of "Garden of Eden," released in early 2012. Check out the faint nod of the head to Washed Out's "New Theory" in the chorus, too. Happy Hands Club has a knack for learning from the best, but that's not to say that their creativity is bridled. No, the masked figures you see above have found their way to the trails of the Electric Mississippi by bridging the surf and the pop, and then electrifying it. Prom Sawyer's throwing in one of the Parking Lot remixes, too, the latest and greatest from the Swedish septet.