Saturday, March 23, 2013

NLNL 8: Aves

"Aves paints in tropical tones about reveries, baffled moments and the mercurial line between dreaming and reality with bubbly textures, hazy motion and fresh pop-hooks."

There's little I could write to describe Helsinki's Aves without using at least some of the words they use in the above self-description on their Bandcamp page. The elusive Finnish act makes an artistic statement with their music - and from what I can see, it's something synesthetic
"Elise," polished off earlier this month at Stereotype Studio, doesn't limit itself to the half-time electro R&B you might feel coming in the first minute. That percussion section pulls it through with, well, the "bubbly texture" that Aves described. It's no lie. Listen to 2011's  "Shoreline" to bump up the chillwave just a few notches, too.