Monday, March 18, 2013

Teen Daze' Restorative "Light & Love"

If Prom Sawyer has any avid followers, they might have noticed my tendency to announce new weekly features, and my subsequent failure to maintain them. For this, I sincerely apologize. I've had the flu for the last week, on the one front. But Prom Sawyer must also consider bringing in more writers.

In the here and now, I wasn't going to let this one slip past the nets while bedridden. Teen Daze hails from south and east of Vancouver, BC, smack in the middle of a hotbed of low-fi and chillwave producers just a little into the wildnerness outside the border Pacific region's many towers. I've thought about featuring a Teen Daze track so many times that I had to google the blog to check if I already had. Regardless, the modulating synths of "Light & Love" have an impressionist feel and a restorative power. The British Columbian just salvaged my day.

But "Light & Love" has a more tender touch and a far more significant goal: Teen Daze hopes to raise awareness and galvanize support for School of Seven Bells' guitarist Benjamin Curtis, undergoing cancer treatment. Read about it on Teen Daze' soundcloud here, or head to