Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Down to Love?

You might look to tomorrow with great anticipation - Romeo trotting through the dark, the balcony around the next corner. Or your sentiments might be akin to Jeru the Damaja's - "my name ain't Puff, I ain't got time to waste."

Either way, February the 14th cometh, and Prom Sawyer decided to try to make a heart out of beer caps. I didn't drink enough beers first.

But the Electric Mississippi's been needing a dance track with love in the title. Ain't no fiends coming in between Henry Krinkle and his dreams. The Wellington, South Florida producer has ambitions, and if statistics mean anything, he's realizing them now. His remix of Hot Toddy's "Down to Love" racks up the plays. Listen to the cutoff on that synth line - crisp, but with a buttery finish, like a good chocolate chip cookie. When the deeper line comes in to back up the beat, it goes right where a dancer wants it to, a little behind the beat with a few little slaps. Make sure to check out his latest EP, The Lush Haus Remixes, with work done on Gold Panda and Kimbra.