Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heard It On A Sunday: The Seshen and Black Light Dinner Party

Prom Sawyer hopes to spend the day in a coffee shop, reading something I haven't read, spending money I don't have on bougie drinks. Perhaps that will be my afternoon.

If it is, I'll want to walk down the cracked, snow-lined sidewalks of Grinnell, IA with these two tracks flowing through my headphones. To me, these represent the forefront of electro, blending soul and rock structures in a new instrumentation and combining all sorts of media.

The Seshen, a seven-piece outfit from San Francisco, started out "completely different, sonically," than what you can hear in "Turn" below. Their commitment to diverse artistry has lead them across many a soundscape - they are certainly in a good place right now. Their "beat-driven sound with an emotional core" comes out in full force, with R&B vocals just perching on top of electro stripped of its insulation. Plain and simple, this is very, very cool. Make sure to check out their inaugural album here.

The animation for the video of "We Are Golden" took three years, by hand (reminds of Daft Punk's classic "Digital Love")- that alone should speak to the versatility and work ethic of the New York outfit. That main phrase - very catchy - soars and soars again throughout. Black Light Dinner Party won't let anybody down. Keep you eye on them and your ears to the single and last year's EP.