Friday, February 22, 2013

From Brooklyn, Reptilian: Sensual Harassment

What I want. Rather, what's most important to me, is that the Electric Mississippi gets ear of the latest in "intergalactic love amidst a glossy pastiche of late-’70s-era disco," as CMJ lovingly referred to the latest from Brookyln's Sensual Harassment. I'm in for all things disco, but here the duo goes the extra mile.
"Make Me Human Again," the flagship track off of their recent EP Escape from Alpha Draconis (up for full-stream here), recalls the best of Cut Copy and Bag Raiders. But it doesn't settle for a draw - wait for the drop about 15 seconds in. The bassline takes it for a walk, check. It backs down during the verse - wait for that little snare hit to bring you back into the chorus, where the vocals follow that main synth line. The topic? Mysterious, mystical, crepuscular love exploits that fit better in Brooklyn, and along the Mississippi, as well as anywhere.

"I need your friction all the time.."

There's diverse artistry behind Sensual Harassment, too. Check out their rework of the Beastie Boys' classic below.