Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Electric Ecosystem: Painted Palms

Today Prom Sawyer has yet another Polyvinyl Records outfit. Painted Palms is the brainchild of cousins Reese Donahue and and Christopher Prudhomme, Louisiana natives transplanted to the Bay Area. Their synthy, flowing-water sound initially found a home on Secretly Canadian - the label, ever-humble, offers fantastic biographies of their alumni and continues to rep their squad.

Donahue and Prudhomme made noise back in 2011 with their EP Canopy. I've tossed in it's flagship track "All of Us" for ease of access below. "Click," off their upcoming Carousel ,reminds me so of the best of Starfucker (Painted Palms even remixed "Julius"). There's a lushness here, though, that distinguishes the two. I might perhaps suggest Bayou : Olympic Rainforest as the appropriate analogy. 

Be sure to check out the new album next week and the lengthy tour that will accompany its release.