Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dråpe: Endlessly Devoted to the Hippie Sublime

Prom Sawyer, as a little tyke, lived in Oslo, Norway. I wish I'd stayed longer now that the thousand-year old city has become the home base for the Norwegian dream pop ensemble Dråpe. "Blue Skies" sounds like the song everybody was waiting for someone to write - everywhere you secretly want them to do a chorus, they hit it. Every line you can sense approaching, they issue it with more control, and more genuine a sense of longing.All of this, they do with that elusive Scandinavian sound that has come to influence the course of music so strongly of late. 

 This song, to me, sounds like it should accompany the paintings on Celestial Seasonings tea boxes. Prom Sawyer will be keeping an eye on this dreamy troop. In the meantime, check out their recent EP from Oslo's indie label Riot Factory

"Was hoping I could stay indoors..."