Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amin PaYnE's Dusty Fingers

A few months ago Prom Sawyer talked up Broke and Repeat Pattern's Badminton Club. Melbourne-based, New Zealand-born, Amin PaYnE is another avant garde hip-hop producer off of Paris-based Cascade Records.
Labelling himself a "consistent crate-digger," Amin PaYnE aims to rejuvenate the soul-sample based beats of the '90s with modern production techniques. Earlier projects of Amin PaYnE's demonstrate this well - check out his Gil Scott Heron tribute album (and just dig that shuffling beat on "I Miss You").

That blend of young and old comes out clearly in the instrumentation: there are the deep funk bass hits so characteristic of Madlib (think "Tape Hiss") or Pete Rock's The Surviving Elements, but the warbling synths of Elaquent or Samiyam also find their way in.

I suppose the New Zealander stands somewhere in between. Keep an eye on Amin PaYnE - there's a true beat artist at work down under. In the meantime, put an ear to his latest release off Cascade, Cosmic Disfunktions.