Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rainy Day: Tropics and Wildlife Control

When I drove to Iowa City this morning, the rain hit the windshield so hard we had to drive fifty-five in a seventy. That same rain melted the snow in what will soon be cornfields on my left, and on my right.

On my left is Tropics most recent track, "Home & Consonance." It hit the airwaves about two weeks ago. The slurred vocal line in the opening had me wondering where Chris Ward would take this one. Distant places. Thumping toms, chimes, and some fluid swells on what sounds like a Microkorg.

On my right, brothers Sumul and Neil Shaw, who together form Wildlife Control. Yesterday they released a new single, "Ages Places," which I strongly believe encapsulates the hopefulness of the first rainy day of March.